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about us


 Goodlife Albany is a comprehensive health food store offering a diverse range of all health care products.

We aim to provide you with a huge variety of health supplements and foods required to have a totally healthy body and lifestyle.


grab a book, share a book!

While we have books for sale we also have a very informal library - take a book from our box of freebies and return it whenever you like (or keep it). If you have some health books you'd like to share - bring them to Judy and we will put them in the free book box.

The staff at Good Life Albany have been in the health industry for many years. We are there to help.


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We believe that the best approach to skin care is to go with nature, not fight against it.


We have a wide range of
natural cleansers, moisturisers, balms and ointments. 

looking for natural skin care?

come and see us.

we stock

a wide range of essential oils

You might be pleasantly surprised what a quality essential oil can do in your life.


We stock a range of premium oils that not only smell lovely but can be used to relieve a range of needs.


We stock leading brands & local artisan products


Western Australia has wonderful healthy foods and health products on offer - come in to the store to find:


Serafine Gluten Free Artisan Bread

Strange Grains Gluten Free Bread Products



Foley's Frothing Fermentations Saurkrauts

Foley's Frothing Fermentations Gut Shots

Loving Gift Coconut Kefir

Alkomy Kombucha


Other Western Australian items include:

Little Willow Soaps

Raw Bee Pollen

Fewsters Honey 







products including:

Huge Range of Teas - Loose Leaf or Tea Bags

Selection of Dried Herbs

Healthy snacks

Lots of fermented foods & Drinks

Wide range of Nutritional Supplements

Natural & Organic Skin & Hair Care

Oral Care Products

Sun Protection and Self Tanning Products

Essential Oils & Diffusers

Glass Bottles - Spray,Dropper or Roller Lids


Protein Supplies

Gluten Free Foods and Cooking Ingredients

Non Toxic Cookware

Natural Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Straws, Water Bottles, Coffee Mugs & Food Wraps

Book's & DVD's

Sprouting Seeds and Sprouters

Nut Milk Bags

Bamboo Underwear

Muscular & Injury Relief Products

Weight loss Support

Energy Drinks & Powders

Ear Candles

Soaps & Soap Making Products

Kombucha Drinks



Bliss Balls

Sweetener Alternatives

Lip Balms

& so much more!